Watanabe Office

Working together in partnership

Educational consultancy and boarding

The Guardian Family Network (GNet) has close working relationships with two outstanding companies, WATANABE Office (WO) and The Independent Education Consultants (TIEC), who provide educational consultancy and boarding school placements for Japanese students.



Watanabe Office offer a superior package of support and guidance to families based on personal experience and through many years of supporting Japanese parents making this important investment in their children’s future.


  • WO has been supporting families with boarding school applications and guardianship services for the past 40 years and over 950 Japanese children have successfully navigated their UK boarding school careers under the careful guidance of the professional team based in Tokyo.

  • WO and TIEC have worked closely together for a number of years, with the current, cohesive partnership between WO, TIEC and GNet developing over the past 5 years. WO promote the TIEC School Placement and University Consultancy to their Japanese clients, who enter into an agreement for the joint consultancy services, including Guardianship Services, offered by GNet.


GNet are the Educational Guardian for the student whilst they study here in the UK, as appointed by the parents.

Throughout their time in the UK, each student benefits from the on-going support of all three organisations.

GNet for all day-to-day issues and logistics, in close liaison with WO, who act as intermediaries and interpreters for their clients at home in Japan and TIEC who continue to provide educational support and guidance at key times such as 11+ and 13+ entry, Senior School decisions, tutoring and University choices.

The role WO play in supporting GNet and their students is imperative, ensuring a detailed understanding of cultural differences and expectations, enabling every student and their parents to access all the benefits of a UK education fully and confidently, whilst being assured of the best possible care provided by the nominated local homestay families allocated to each student.  GNet and WO liaise on a daily basis on all matters requiring parent consent or authorisation and as Educational Guardians, ensure that all students are cared for, in a professional, engaging and individual way.

How does this affect our local homestay families + daily communications?

It is the GNet view that all parties involved in the care of the students should have open and direct lines of communication and local homestay families are encouraged to maintain regular contact with House Staff to build a strong, supportive relationship for their student. However, when communicating both schools and homestays are asked to bear in mind the following:
GNet are the registered Educational Guardian for the student whilst they study here in the UK, as appointed by the parents.

Local homestay families, nominated to care for the student on behalf of GNet, are not able to give permission or consent or make educational decisions without the prior approval of GNet; who ensure parents, through WO, are involved at every stage of decision making for their child.

GNet are the primary link in the UK, between the parents (through WO), the Schools and the local homestay families and are in contact with our partner office on a daily basis to answer any queries, questions or concerns. All information should flow through them to ensure continuity of care for all students, enabling GNet to offer effective, efficient support to everyone and thereby avoiding misinterpretation, miscommunication or confusion.


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