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What is an educational guardian and why does my child need one?

All good British boarding schools recommend that any student whose parents are resident outside the UK has a UK-based guardian, appointed by their parents, to act as the local in-country contact in case of emergency and to ensure that the child is well cared for at exeat weekends and half term holidays, if they are not planning to return home.


What are the main roles of a homestay family?

  • A homestay family provides a much needed break from the hectic school routine at exeat weekends and half term holidays, with a welcome change of scene – a home-from-home where warm, long-lasting friendships are created.

  • Having a supportive and caring family who will take an interest in your child’s wellbeing will offer you reassurance that they are safe, well cared for and happy.

  • Homestay families will attend parents’ evenings on your behalf, watch your child play in music concerts or sports matches and keep in regular contact with both you and your child so they can act quickly should any concern or issue arise.

Our support for your child

We have a policy of one overseas child with one family so you can rest assured that the family will give your child the support that they need in order to achieve their full potential whilst studying in the UK.

In an ideal situation, your child will remain with the same homestay family throughout their time with us, meaning long-lasting, trusting relationships will grow as they progress through their time at school. Indeed many children come to see their guardian as their ‘English’ family. Check our code of conduct.

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I think this is a valuable service and for those parents abroad, they have peace of mind, knowing their child is in a safe and warm environment.
Sally Guardian - Guildford

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