Code of conduct

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  • To support the well-being of students and homestay families, at all times.
  • To conform to current statutory compliance and guidance.
  • To respect the rights, religions and customs of all students and homestay families.
  • To adhere to the aims and ethos of all individual partner schools.
  • To comply with The Children’s Act 1989 + 2004, meeting the needs of the Department of Education working together to Safeguard Children 2018 and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019.
  • To provide a 24-hour emergency service.
  • To maintain appropriate contact with the student, their parents and the homestay family.
  • To ensure all records are correct, up-to-date and securely stored.
  • To deliver pastoral and educational support to the student, in consultation and agreement with their parent, homestay family and school.
  • To guarantee appropriate insurances are in place and to comply with UK legislation.
  • To uphold the GNet grievance procedures.

The GNet Code of Conduct is available on our website and in hard copy, upon request, it is also contained in the GNet Operations Manual.

The GNet key objectives are:

  • To offer knowledgeable support and guidance to parents, schools and homestay families.
  • To ensure the highest standards of care for all students, at school or with homestay families.
  • To provide clear guidance and comprehensive training to all homestay families.
  • To demonstrate an in-depth working knowledge of up-to-date safeguarding and safer recruitment practises, in line with current legislation.
  • To welcome students from a diverse range of countries across the world ensuring everyone has access to equal opportunities.
  • To deliver a professional service, taking into account cultural differences and expectations.
  • To conduct regular home checks and ensure open lines of communications.
  • To operate a no tolerance approach to corporal punishment.
  • To foster a culture of safety, equality and uphold a duty of care to children and young people.
  • To exercise professional judgement at all times.

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