Code of conduct

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  • To support, and promote the well being of all international students and their guardian families at all times.
  • To promote and conform to the best, and legal practices in the guardianship of all international students in our care.
  • To respect and support the rights, religions and customs of all international students.
  • To respect and adhere to codes of practice and values of all partner schools.
  • To support the needs of guardians, international students and their families by providing a 24/7 emergency contact number with a known member of our staff in the UK.
  • To comply with The Children’s Act 1989, as amended in 2004, meeting the needs of the Department of Health and Social Services.
  • To maintain appropriate contact with the international student, their overseas parents and their guardian family.
  • To ensure all appropriate records are correct, up-to-date and securely stored.
  • To provide pastoral and educational support to all international students, as per agreements with the students’ parents, guardians and school.
  • To have appropriate insurance for all guardianship arrangements and to comply with UK legislation.
  • To adhere to our grievance procedures.

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