Friendly, supportive and reliable British families who care for international children at UK boarding schools.

Do you love spending time with children and have room in your home to offer care and support to an international student at a UK boarding school?

Imagine if your child were attending a boarding school in Moldova and the reassurance you would gain from having a local family to support them and keep you regularly informed on how they are getting on?

This is an excellent opportunity:

  • For your own children to make new friends and to learn about other countries and cultural understanding.
  • To fill the ‘empty nest’ when your own children have perhaps gone off to university or left home.
  • To become involved in the school life of a young person, supporting them through attendance at school matches, concerts, parents’ evenings.
  • To build lasting friendships with international families overseas.
  • To put your spare bedroom to good use.

A voluntary role, although expenses are reimbursed for overnight stays, travel and entertainment, acting as guardian to an international student is a rewarding and enjoyable experience with relationships often lasting many years.